♥Shopping Directory

This page is dedicated to showing landmarks to all my favorite places in sl.
I might add SeraphimSL is also a good place to locate current landmarks for events, mine might fall outdated.

Sale Events:

Suicide Dollz



♥Elikatira aka {e}
♥The Alice Project
♥Wasabi Pills
♥99 Elephants
♥Analog Dog
♥Red Mint
♥Eaters Coma
♥Little Bones


♥Al Vulo
♥The Pink Bandaid
♥Lola’s Tangos
♥Pink Fuel
♥Demon Eyes
♥{label mode}
♥Glam Affair
♥Dead Apples
♥Angel Rock
♥ Lara Hurley
♥BubbleGum Treasure Trove
♥Random Matter
♥Black Liquid





Hands – Feet


Piercings / Tattoos
♥{S H O C K} Factory
♥Letis Tattoo
♥Hebenon Vial
♥Sleepy Bozer
♥Pierce of Mind
♥cute poison
♥Random Matter



♥Dirty Stories
♥T Hacker {RP}
♥Illusions {fantasy / horns etc}
♥Maxi Gossamer
♥Nyte ‘n’ Day
♥Bens Beauty
♥Digital Bling
♥Nivicola {horns}
♥Plastik {fantasy / horns}
♥Schadenfreude {fantasy / horns}
♥Zombie Suicide
♥Brutal Weapons
♥Panda Express
♥Angel Rock
♥Cute Poison
♥Heart On
♥lovely alien|
♥Remarkable Oblivion
♥Half Deer
♥Nana Store
♥Random Matter
♥Suicide Girls



♥Razorblade Jacket
♥The Whore Mansion
♥Severed Garden
♥Luck Inc
♥Suicidal Unborn
♥Outrage {reloaded}
♥Spirit Store
♥Shabby Cat
♥Happy Undead
♥Dirty Mind
♥Cellar Door
♥Hate This
♥Le Forme
♥Mes Sucreries
♥Forever Reckless
♥Forever Young
♥Dumb Blond
♥Style X
♥Pretty Liar




Furniture I Decor I Builds etc

♥Cheeky Pea

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