Bad Babeh

Bad Babeh // Click the photo for HQ



•skin: lara hurley “isis” – new!
•hair: epoque “tied up”
•lipstick: pink fuel “ink”
•teeth: illmatic – new!
•lashes: damned
•brows: tsg “sassy”
•eyes: misery


•vest: cynful @ f r o s t – opens dec13th
•pants: hollipocket @ the azz show
•shoes: flite / sold out


•knee pads: milk
•belt & cuffs: blitzed
•upper arm cuff: alterego
•tattoo sleeves: blackfeet
•tummy tattoo: alterego
•headband: utopiah – new!
•ears: mandala
•eyebrow & dimple piercings: puncture
•mouth piercing: pekka
•nose piercing: random matter
•gloves: cutesh!t @ alterego – new!

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