This just in! BREAKING NEWS! MentalKaos Akina robs Toxxic Rhiannyr at gunpoint @ alterego! Sources tell us that MK’s obsessive SHOE ADDICTION is out of control! Friday, June 21st, Rhiannyr took to her Pixel Facebook, stating SHE WILL NOT SELL PAST LIMITED EDITION SHOWSTOPPA SNEAKERS TO ANY CUSTOMER, she didnt give a phuk who asked for them or the amount of money being tossed in her face! MK then hoped in her Pink Bugatti & drove like a crazyyyy mad woman to AlterEgo & held Rhiannyr up at gunpoint for a little over 3 minutes! Rhiannyr [shown in photos – sporting her LE Panda Sneakers], appears frantic and caught off guard! MK shouts across 65,000 sqm, “If you dont give me those shoes heffa, I’ll shoot!”

This is currently a stand off at AlterEgo, what will Toxxic Rhiannyr do now??????

aenews1 aenews2 aenews3 aenews4 aenews5 aenews6


————— Right click avatar / eject & ban… bai bitch!
Ima baus & yew caint have deez pandas biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitch!!!!!!!!


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