Epic @ Bewbapalooza! /me wipes head, I tped all over buying all the items for this look, but it came out le perfecto. Im like a SLyber slut, meow lol … if you havent allready, should prolly take ur big ole titties down to Bewbapalooza and check out the goods, not only finding AE there, Jade / Epic is there as well. You can find this hawt, super slick dress there! Latex Cheongsam Dress is available in 9 vibrant colors, clothing layers & titty applier included [tango/lush]♥ Enjoy the rest of my look featuring items from SLink, Graves, Manticore, Plastik, Nuuna & more!


Hair by Eep
Skin by Lara Hurley
Ears by Illusions
Horns by Panda Express
Face Makeup / Splatter & Fades by the Plastik
Face Makeup / Chin&Neck by Nuuna
Shoulder pads, Arm pads, Pockets & Hand Clips by Graves
Dress by Epic @ Bewbapalooza
Tights by Erratic
Boots by SLink
Tail by Lemon Tea
Pet by Manticore
Collar by Happy Undead

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