Out of Your League

Out of Your League – Hai derr, wanted to post before beddy bye time, and I brings you fuggin cuteness straight from Santoki!!!! Santoki is a new brand on the grid, from a not so new creator, Alexxis Decuir, owner / creator of Anonymous & Toxic Templates brings you an original mesh store for women, Santoki. She has released these extremely cute frayed shorts with mesh suspenders attached to the legs, in a variety of denim colors and patterns. Ahhh Ima blog these again bc I so wanna wear the the cheetah ones rofl!!! These shorts fit really nice, got me a lil booty work goin on and damn I didnt take a shot of the booty but the back pocket does have a upside down studded cross on it, Ill blog em again tomorrow, so cute! So easy to make a cute fit with!! Ladies these are MUST HAVES!!!!!!! ♥ Also EPIC released her March Group gifts, The Kawaii Bunny ears, so make sure you go and grab those!!! Enjoy the look!


Hair by Wasabi Pills @ WCF
Skin by Pink Fuel @ Skin Fair
Piercings by Puncture
Nails by Deer
Top by AlterEgo
Shorts by Santoki – NEW!!!
Bunny Ears by EPIC – NEW!!!
Tights by Sheer
Boots by GoS
Bloody Knees by Suicidal Unborn
Necklace & Bangles by Amorous
Ears by Mandala
Tattoo by BlackFeet

Landmarks can be found here.

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