Shin Dig @ 305 Gaming today!!!!

305mia is planning a BIG party @ 305 Gaming today at noon slt! Lots of discounted games, DJ Dani & DJ Jimmmy will be here spinnin your favorite tueage and gettin ya ready to win some lindensssssss! We have had a very well turn out with the casino, people love these games, whyyy??? BC they PAY OUT, even a game as low as 25L will def put some extra cash in your pockets, and who doesnt love money? Ima tell you a lil secret, Ive won 80k before on a No Devil game and that shit went right to my cell hone bill in rl rofl! It can happen and you dont really have to be a Lucky horseshoe walking round, bc I am NO way shape or form a Lucky person. Back in the day, when the Dallas Cowboys were hot and on fire, winning over and over, well when Id go to our football parties, they’d lose, every frackin time, so my mom was like Im sorry but you cant go, Im not lying, Id stay home and then they’d win, but my unlucky ass still won 80k in sl!!!!! Woot Wooot, pull ova that ass to phat!!! {hahaha John♥} So IF you are bored at noon, SL is a drag, WE always have fun parties, come kick it!!!!

305 Gaming is located on the Toxxic sim better known as the AlterEgo District!

LIVE, LAUGH, LOVE & ffs win some LINDENS!!!!!


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