Vicious Circle

Vicious Circle – Just feels like what Im playing inside, gotta be ready & watch mah back …always. So anywho, nuff of the secret code talk, on to whats Ima wearinggggg, got something chu dont hassss and wont for at least a few more days! Razorblade Jacket aka Razor is coming out with some Mesh Legwarmers to dizz-III for! Im addicted tothese for shizzle, was hard to fig out what texture I wanted! “Razor /// High Molly Legwarmers” wont be available til the 5th Annual Buddy Walk Event on March 17th, so you gots erm 6 more days to wait before you can collect these bad boys. The legwarmers come with or w/our sneaks, Im bare footed today which is not me usually but me feets needs to breathe, so Im rockin my Slink Feets and marchin round like I run some shit. The HUD for the legwarmers is PACKED, like I dont think Kehl could put one more option on these, you can choose to texture only one leg or both legs, 2 texture options on the shoes too. I ♥’s!!!!!! You will to, the fit is perfecto and the textures are genius, like what else do you expect its Razor durrrrp!!! Also I’m modeling my NEW! Mesh Corsets, “Vicious Circle” just posted them below, they come with a Texture HuD and stuzz to! So Check out the list of whats Im wearing and mark these 2 items on your Must Have lists!♥

Find the LMs for these places here.

Hair by Wasabi Pills @ WCF!
Skin by Glam Affair
Headband by Utopiah @ the Luck of the Irish Gacha Fair @ Depraved Nation
Nails by Mstyle
Teeth by Label Mode
Eyes by IKON
Piercings & Horns by Puncture
Bangles by amorous
Collar by Luck Inc
Ears by Mandala
Tattoo Upper by blackFeet
Tattoo Lower by Inkies
Legwarmers by Razor /// available @ the 5th Annual SL buddy Walk on March 17th!!!!
Feets by SLink
Gun Holster & Cooter tape by alterego @ WCF

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