The BIG Boobies Show Fair / Designer List

The Big Boobies Show Special event
Date : April 1st to 31st, 2013

Big Boobies Show Fair ( LOGO )


Cynthia Ultsch =[Cynful] Clothing & Co
Reeann frost = ≺─ Puncture ─≻
Zoey Gabardini = Paper.Doll
Jade winthorpe = Epic
Hoshi kimono = ʙʟᴀʜ.
Elfie sugarplum = The Sugar Garden
Maelynda Resident = Mes Sucreries
Hush darkrose = [ H U S H ] S k i n s
Rebeca dembo = CandyDoll™
Sabrina Palmira = Fashion Victime
Aida ewing = Glam Affair
Melanie jaehun = F’N’HawT
TitouAure Allen = *Twins Fashion*
Steffi villota = DeeTaleZ & d.Select
Inka Mexicola = Essence
Hlin Bluebird = Al vulo


Juicy Sahara = Bishes INC
Amadeus Bettie = R O C K M E A M A D E U S
Mell Mcmahon = Gawk!
Cate Ying = VinCue
Petiita Blackbart = -UtopiaH-
Holli Thespian = ♥Holli Pocket♥
Issybella Quintessa = Que Bella!
Toxxic Rhiannyr = AlterEgo
Sln Cascarino = SOUL
Angelic Lefevre = Ngelic
Quakestore = { B O O B I E L I C I O U S}
Cherry Appletor : Nani Poses
Pistyle Primswitch = C H E E K Y
Morgan Adamski = Bubblegum Treasure Trove
Ivy Burner = Sassy!
Lei Jewell = Hard Candy
Luzia Boucher = C O R N U C O P I A
Trishies Luckless = Łцςķ¿є ЇŊ¢
Freya Olivieri = м σ η ς н є я ί
Kathya Szczepanski = .PEKKA.
Luciana Button = Anymore
Brbkitchen = !Rehab
Litani Istmal = BUBBLE [ELECTRIC]
Rogue Falconer = .R o T t E n D e F i A n C E.
Helyanwe Vindaloo = ploom
Missqwerty Pevensey = AMERICAN BAZAAR
Miffyhoi Rosca = Zenith Fashion
Kattington = Milk
Mariska Dufour = BlackLace Lingerie
Louise Marsault = .::LE FORME::.
Jued Blinker = Blush.
Sugarbuttonbaxton = ѕυgαя вυттση
Mochi Milena = [Pink Fuel]
Ziekling Bunnyhug = esk-imo:
Katey Coppola : gliteratti pose
Ck Winx = Luck Inc.
Carlsberg Diavolo = Inside Lab
Riann Maltese = Lush
Audrey Guter = Purple Pose
Veleska = Little bean pose

March 17th Boobies Show round cancelled so designers can prep for this event♥Be back soon with more details.

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