Special Thank you to all my fellow designers who came and placed items out!

♥Razorblade Jacket

TY to my hardcore VIPs, you ladies are like some serious troopers, Ive named you all well. We hope your day was as pleasant as ours. No drama, everyone was sweet, we talked of penis pudding & shoe porn. TY to my DJs : Dani, Jimmmy & Suki! TY to my staff: Bubblez & MoV.

Best Screenshot today:



Grand Total of 5,983 different avatars landed on sim today!
Steady 80+ people on sim at a time.

Special Edition “ShowStoppaz” Winners –


Here is the Total list of Raffle Winners, they all won 2 pairs of Special Edition ShowStoppaz, now in the trash, never to be sold or raffled again.

Beth Leimes
Zaira85 Resident
misthangrn Resident
AJeneatteArcarda Resident
Snarkie Resident
MelissaMurder Resident
Zexie Luv
Janina Scarmon
Sandowl Violet
Demonique Firehawk
Taryn Nightfire
Maddylyne Marville
Carrie Stratten
brookelyn Leirdrow
Finn Lawksley
Xandra Bressig
Darkangel1795 Resident
GipsySpirit Resident
EstellaNimartaChandra Resident
PeriwinkleFrost Resident
AaliyahFoster Resident
Kameli Lemondrop
Ruin Sabretooth
GenocideJean Sinister
Christa Tiratzo
Pandora Edwyn
RayneBellamy Resident
alamarie Resident
BriaRose Benoir
blacklotuspro Resident
JenniJackknife Resident
Ginny Nostram
Vegas Afterthought
NatashaAngelfire Resident
Krys Shamrock
Miriam Silversmith
shallannay Resident
MaryAlice Bohannes
Kailee Soulstar
Adie SpiritWeaver
Anund Ishtari
TaraCraze Resident
Aerica Resident
Aternia Afterthought
poison Scribe
QuinnQuarrel Resident
Ruth Applewhyte
GraceSpiritsword Resident
Natalie Sieberi
ViolaVanity Resident
shannaceceliaa Resident
Stacsey Resident
candy69ag Resident
RyleeGrace Resident
KharisAmbrosia Resident
Alexstrasza Keng
kristen Callisto
CharlieV Wakowski
Valentine Boa
CaseyBear Button
IridessaHollow Resident
TK Moody
Starz Snowpaw
Ushma Resident
Natasha Stonesoul
Morrigan Fang
Snarfblatt Resident
Mystique Pattle
Jayde Darkwatch
Forever Vyper
Lacy Verne
FreyjaSkadi Resident
Persephone Whitewood
Sha Riggles
QueenOfEternalFlames Resident
Faythless Resident
elky88 Resident
KarmasABch Resident
LaraSea Resident
Riiku Akina
Ladyliam Resident
FayeChann Resident
RazaMataz Resident
momo Beatty
ditzymiztie Resident
Magrat Mefusula
Fla Mint
AshlynnFox Resident
AsakoBadra Resident
Christina Poza
Sha Rage
Kalixx Resident
RoyalPudding Resident
Ripley Firehawk
Nessa Cristole
Kiara1 Noel
HaileyRaine Resident
Stefany Spingflower
Tatiana Okelli
babaloos Resident
radiosimpleton Resident
x1xpandax1x Resident
Nyx Feiri
Zombettie Spore
CiCi Leissa
Kittie Tearfall
Rain723 Munster
Xamor Resident

3 years in our back pocket, looking forward to seeing how many more we can shove in. ty again gnite!

One thought on “TY!”

  1. Congratulations on three years in SL!!!!! Thank you for all you have done for your Toxxic Army! I know there are a lot of headaches, and a massive amount of heartaches involved with being a success in SL. I admire your sheer determination to keep creating to make your customers happy in SL with amazing creations, gifts for newbies, group gifts, hunt prizes, dollarbies, sales, special events, spectacular parties on the fly, fantastic blog, and all the other ways that are escaping me right now!

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