They think they know us …

>>Turn your speakers up!<< – Work just wasnt happening tonight, so Im blogging instead, idk burnt out a little i think. So time to relax, take pixxx & chill. Enjoy the look!

by glance Nyasha – Chocolat – Skin PACK
by dela “Wixson”- NEW!!
by label mode Teeth
by clemmm ReSnick eyes
by clemmm The Whites
by damned My Perfect Eyelashes
by nuuna GlamRock Makeups

horns by puncture Dermal Spike Implants (Horns)
dimples by puncture Dimple Piercings (Gemstone)
eyebrows piercings by puncture Eyebrow Implants (spike)
mouth piercing by puncture Smiley Piercing
nails by deer hand set #1
ears by mandala Stretched ears-Omimi
tights by sheer Tights: Zebra – FREE!!
knuckles by utopiah Skull Female Knuckles Hand Set – NEW!!!
ring by utopiah Grunge Checkers Bow Ring
tattoo by utopiah Fashion Victim
face piercing by pekka Esoteric Unisex Piercing – NEW!!
collar by Cobrahive Kusari Collar

black undershirt by alterego part of Love Slayer fit / Secret Crush Sale – Feb. 14th
gloves, arm tape, blindfold by alterego part of Bosslady outfit
top by alterego werd mesh tops
sneakers by alterego showstoppa heel-less sneakers – COMING SOON!
bangles by alterego spiked bangles – COMING SOON!
skirt by razorblade jacket nylon cotton tutu

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