Running with the Devil

Hey Guys, ok Monday, Monday, Monday, we have another Round of Perfect Wardrobe popping off and this round is dedicated to the “Candy Shop”. AlterEgo wont be in this round, but maybe I will catch the next one. Delusions released some Oh so Yummy, Candy Dots Tattoo Pack & includes the Tango applier, jess Whipsy did the Tango app, its a miracle!!! Super excited! The tatt pack comes with 4 colors, only @ Perfect Wardrobe, GO get! TP to Perfect Wardrobe! Also peep everyone else submissions for this round, it looks mighty tasty inside PW, wish Ida got my act together in time♥

hair by e Sound – Rainbow Colours-NEW!!!
skin by al vulo Eleonor – Porcelain-NEW!!!
eyes by id infected / old gsp item
lashes by damned my perfect lashes
teeth by medley prim teeth – vampire

tattoo top by delusions Candy Dots Chest Tattoo Pack – LIGHT PACK
garter by L.Inc Bitch Garter
panties by L.Inc Naughty Pantie Pink Zebra
dildo by L.Inc Double Dildo – Pink
collar by L.Inc Bound Collar – White Zebra
nails by deer Hand Set #1
boobies by lola’s mesh tangos / sold inside AE
mouth piercing by puncture Smiley Piercing
horns by puncture Dermal Spike
piercing by pekka blind piercing
wings by auxiliary fly free / gacha
horns by auxiliary in dreams – Unicorn RARE / gacha

heels by tara ExtreMe Shoes CAPRICE White
skirt by alterego part of Cant Get Enough Outfit

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