Damned Skin – Meet Selene Tan #2

Im prolly way late, but idc I went over to Damned today, havent been there in a while, and I ran across this skin called Selene. I took a photo for blogging, but I just deleted it bc the quality was horrible, sl is juss ugh this week, so maybe I will post that tomorrow. It was a smex Dirtyland post, and I was phinkin bout the owner, Selene, then I ran into this skin, Selene, so I guess we can chop this up to a “I miss you Selene” post! Sele, the owner of dirtyland, has been M.I.A. for a long time and I miss her, so on to my post. I will retake my blogging photo tomorrow, bc Ken wants to go cuddle and watch porn, hmmmm **clears throat** a movie I mean. :P

I very rarely do a actual review on things, because I dont, I dont like confrontation at all. But there is one thing I wish this skin had, and thats more clarity. I know working with skins is a bitch, and I still purchased the skin, even though I had a issue with it. I love the eyes <3 The fatpack was like 3k something, so its not that big of a deal I still love it, juss wish the cleavage was a lil more defined. This skin is very soft, almost makes me feel like a Kewpie doll, lol. Kewpie doll shows my age lol … go demo it, buy it, its pwetty.

TP to DAMNED : http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Atlantic%20City%20Island/164/18/4001

Ah forgot :

Hair by {e}
Piercings by Puncture {all of them}
Top by Dirtyland
Teeth by Medley
Eyes by ID
Horns by Puncture

If you would like the LMs to these places, please see the “Landmarks” tab at the top of this blog, is my LM vault, all are in there.

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