Hey yall, Ive been noticing some glitches here lately, specifically with the breast applier outfits and anything that has like skirt prim on it. The textures are not sticking, after I package them. Im having alot of complaints about the wrong textures on these items, so I just wanted to post letting you all know this a known problem, Im experiencing and Im sorry for the trouble, BUT if you find one of these errors, please dont ignore it, report it to me via notecard, so I can fix and re-issue copies to all that purchased them. Some complaints coming in now are like, from outfits released 2-3 weeks ago, and like NOOOOO one told me.

Also please, please, please, please dont IM me, ever, whether you see me on sim, or online or my green dot on the other sim lol … please send me a notecard, titled “whatever your question / issue is”, and I will be with you asap. I dont like to be IMed, 99% of the time I wont answer. To me, being imed on sl is like you having my phone number and your just calling and Im sposed to just stop all thats going on right then and cater, andddd I cant do that all the time, Id rather not be bothered so aggressively. Please send me a nc, and I promise I will be right with you. Plus I like to keep a papertrail of issues and who is having what problems, so please. Just send me a notecard, its easier for me to help you. Defo dont IM when im offline, though I have offlines go to email, I dont check my email, bc its like 347598475984379857 emails a day from my landing point greeter, and all my group notices, and etc .. just notecard me, very simple.

k, im done, bitchin or whatever that was … hope everyone had a happy xmas and santa treated them well. I ate to much mac’n’cheese and now my tummy hurts, pretty bad. Lolz tmi much … I has to pooooooo! buahahha Im sure no one is reading this anymore so i can say whatever I want. Bitch Fist!


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