Zomg 10 days!!!!

Wow how time flies, only 10 days left, for FREE AlterEgo VIP Group join! Grab your girlfriends, mommas, sisters, kids, and even some fellas, and make SURE they are inside the AlterEgo VIP Group, coz its FREE!! There are other perks, but that is the best one, duh! I dont open this group very often yall, might have to wait another year before I do this again … dont be assed out, or you will have to pay to play. We have BlackOut coming.  I just opened the “BlackOut tab” at the top of this blog, bc its coming! You have to be in the VIP group to even enter the sim on BlackOut, no tag, no entry! If your a shoppaholic, If you loooooove AlterEgo then why dont I see “Toxxic Army” over ur cutes lil head? Nothing to lose here people, but lots to gain!!! 10 days left, I will return to membership fee on Jan 1st, and lemme let you in on a lil secret, wont be 250L. Take my offer nao, dont wait!!!

Group ID : secondlife:///app/group/978068f2-b421-5095-7d96-1a660c7abbf2/about

We gained over 1900 new members during this FREE join time, and we are amped to have that many new people! Ready to rawk n roll, straight into 2013!

VIP Members Enjoy:

– up to 10% in store credit on purchases while wearing their group tag.
{non group members earn ZERO}
– Monthly Group Gift [value of 250L or more] {men & women}
– Invitations to Group Access Only Events {BlackOut}
– Heads up on New Releases, Sales, Parties, Events, Fairs, changes / additions inside the store!
– Free Outfits {FREE & Random Dollabies}
– Active Group Chat {ask questions, goof around, have fun}

We strive to make your VIP experience a memorable one.

We would love to have you along for the ride, but you cant wait much longer …
this is our Holiday Gift to YOU!


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