Dirtyland moves to AlterEgo / Depraved Nation

Hiyahs all, so its been a couple days since I posted on here. Coz I been so slbuzy, its a word, dont hate. So NEWS! Dirtyland moved her sim to connect to the North End of AlterEgo yesterday, yay she is part of the Depraved Nation Shopping district now! Woot! Please excuse our mess though, we are working out how to tire that corner together! So currently we are a 6 sim set up, bc F R O S T fair is being set up!! That will begin on 12.12.12!!! So yall make sure you take your new lms for Dirtyland, her sim name changd, so its possible her lm did as well, and give the inworld map a few to reload, I still dont see her sim name there. Yay Sele, glad to have you as my neighbor!!!



TP to Dirtyland:


In other news, like mentioned before … FROST fair opens 12.12.12, and Im behind on making a line for it, so for the next few days you wont be hearing from me, as I will be locked inside PS making clothes lol. Mark your claendars ladies and gents this is a Depraved Nation event! The sim is gorgeous btw!

For more information on FROST pls see:

Frost Flier 1x1  v2 - Male 2012


Frost Flier - 1x1 v2 - Female 2012



Think thas all from me right now … oh juss some stuff youll find on this page thats goin on:

– Perfect Wardrobe began yesterday : theme is “Glam” find AE’s “GlamOrous” there for only 90L!
– I added some more dens to my ToxxiRoo shop in the sky [meeroos] – also there is a new coat out for Nocs “Jungle Abyss”
– Dec Group Gifts are out for both men & women, simply WEAR your tag & click them!
– The AE VIP Group is FREE join until Dec 31st, other then asshole spammers, lol this was our holiday gift to you!
– Toxxic 2 sim, is undergoing some changes, news on that coming soon!
– Dont you forget about Skankaholic! She has new releases in her store!
– We still have a week or so on the Boobies Show, since the holidays are coming there will be a EARLY NEW Round for TBS on Dec 16th!!!
– And lastly if you havent already, take a swing over to the Avi Choice Awards site and vote for your favorite creators in sl!

Have a good week, I shall return with new outfits for FROST!

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