Whats goin on!!!

Fashion Show –

Whats goin on @ AlterEgo … well alot of stress for one, lolzz… Tomorrow, Dec. 1st, Saturday @ 4pm slt, is our very First Fashion Show! Finalists from the Barbiezz Competition will be stomping the runway, showing off the AE line and competing for aweshum gifts and prizes! Make sure you swing in, and watch this event, it will be a MUST SEE! Congrats to my Finalists: JADED LOREFIELD, KATEVANGELINE RESIDENT, ARCHER WOBBIT, PINKIEPIE143 RESIDENT, RAGDOLLIE RESIDENT, DESIREE SUPPLEE, & DIAZ SOIR! If you know these girls, I suggest you come down, woot and holla, make em morreeee nervous and have a good time with us!



The Boobies Show –

Ladies DONT SLEEP on this round of the Boobies Show!! So much hotness from talented yummy designers! AlterEgo has 2 Exclusives out, they arent currently sold in my mainstore, so the Boobies Show is the only place to get them!!! “Frenemies” & “Pure” are on the shelves, waiting for you! Bahaha ooohhh as seen on :

**me screams** bahah ty ty amber for posting my stuffies, dat makes me happehhh :P



TP to the Boobies Show :


Perfect Wardrobe –

I have made a come back to Perfect Wardrobe, I needed a breaks from some of my bi weekly events, RL sucks sometimes, but have no fear, we will be in the next round, which is appropriate for AlterEgo “Glam”! Ladies, I betcha, I betcha this round will be a MUST SEE! I betcha!!!!! Here is my submission for this round, so cutes and only 90L! Will be out on Monday, Dec. 3rd.


TP to Perfect Wardrobe :


F R O S T Fair – 12.12.12

Okies we are getting ready for another Badass Fair brought to you by Depraved Nation! Break out your winter gear folks its gonna be Fweeezing! lol I will be slowing down on new releases in the store pretty quick, so I can make a whole new line for this event! So if your like wondering where I dipped off to, Im stuck in Photoshop, creating you some more stuffies!! For more information on this event pls see :

Frost Flier 1x1  v2 - Male 2012


Roooooooooooos For Sale!

I have a store in the sky for my Meeroo Nests, Im actually really happy, my shelves actually have nests on them lol, for sooo long I felt like a noob bc my shelves were like empty bc I didnt sell alot, I coaxed, but I just had a wave of nests, so they are all out right now, Prices – 250 & up! So go, scoot, go see what I have! You can always find me on! Check em outtaaaa!!!!!

TP to ToxxiRoos :


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