BCA Vendors Update

BCA Vendors Update – I dropped the Breast Cancer Awareness vendors on the first, at the landing point to AlterEgo! The outfits / items inside are NOT sold inside AlterEgo as is. You will only be able to get them from these special vendors through the month of October! TY to those who’ve already nabbed these!

Survivor Tops – has raised 1500L


Support Tops – has raised 1500L


Retro Flares – has raised 3270L



Fighter Tops – has raised 2000L


Floral Tops – has raised 1250L


Mesh Mini Denims – has raised 1750L


Our main donations kiosk is up to 20,430L thats over a course of the past year, in customer donations.

Grand total for the BCA Vendors : 11,270L

Thank you to all who are donating! Each item is for sale at 250L, roughly 1$ usd. You can find them @ the landing point to AE. 100% of the donation go straight to the American Cancer Society / Making Strides Against Breast Cancer. AlterEgo does not benefit from these purchases.



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