AlterEgo @ SWAGFest – begins Oct 1st

TY SWAG bloggers for choosing to post my stuff!!! ♥




AlterEgo is proud to open a showcase @ SWAGfest 2012, brought to you by Flair For Events, same people who brought you the Whore Couture Fair, the Pink Ribbon Fair & MOH2! The SWAG Fest, An urban streetwear fashion fair, October 1st to 31st, 2012, http://theswagfest.blogspot.ca/ . We are happy to have set up our store and now we patiently await the Grand Opening to this event! Its going to be EXPLOSIVE!!! 98% of AlterEgo @ SWAGfest is NEW, Exclusive Men & Women’s apparel lines that are currently not sold in our mainstore! Prices are fair, between 250L – 1L! We have 2 items featured as SWAG Exclusives and are both 99L for the duration of this event! We invite you to stop by our shop, located @ Queens Park, store number 100!  Mark your calendars ladies and gents, bc we are about to go HAM!

Storefront Images :

Vendor Ads : NOTE : Multiple colors & style available on each ad!

Store Front Window Ads –

Possibly more added by the end of this weekend, bahah i has 10 prims left to fill!!!!!

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