AlterEgo Mind Fuck Mini Hunt 2

AlterEgo Mind Fuck Mini Hunt 2 – Get ready to pull your hair out!!!

So last month we came up with a fun idea, to have a mini hunt inside AlterEgo, and it turned out to be a big hit! Everyone seemed to enjoy the day, searching around the sim for my tiny pink boxes! They were TINY!!! So I decided to have the hunt again this month, and it will be on the 30th, [ sept 30th, sunday]! This time around we got some lil cute heart shaped punkins, bc Halloweeny is coming, so Im kicking it off early bc I can! The Mind Fuck hunt will last for 12 hours! It will begin @ noon on the 30th and end @ midnight! There are NO clues, NO hints, juss YOU, MY sims and lots of encouragement from the AE Promo Team to keep ya going! I think I will throw a spin on this one to, there will be approx 24 hunt items with outfits in them, outfits ARE NOT SOLD IN STORE or THE MARKETPLACE! 2 hunt objs with chances to win store credit [1L} & a bunch of decoys that will be 0L and have a HAHAAAAA message inside! Hows that sounds? Oh and this will be your only chance to have these fits, bc when the hunt is over, they are goin in the trash!

So simpler form:
– AlterEgo Mind Fuck Hunt 2
– September 30th, Sunday
– noon to midnight
– 24 outfits hidden [not sold in store] [1L each]
– 2 objs w/ store credit [these will be harder to find] [1L each]

Sounds good!!!
You can find this sign @ the front door soon, along with the heart shaped punkin samples, so you know what your looking for!

Oh & none of my promo girls, or mgmt know where these are, bc I kick em off the sim while hiding so pls, dont harass them, they dk!

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