AlterEgo Men’s Tee Shop

You win fellas, you win … I’ve set up a T-Shirt Shop on sim just for the dudes, so now you have a place to wander into while your girls shop around. 24 New Mesh Tall Tees have been added over night, 99L a pop, demos available. Moral of this story is, if you pout long enough, I will eventually give in.

When you land, spin around, face the light house, look to the left … click here.




Typha Skin Re-Release

Typha Skin Re-Release -

“Oh Toxxic, please make appliers for the Typha skin”

… okies, here you go! Typha skin packs are now available once again inside the mainstore and will be updated on the marketplace soon. If you purchased these skin packs already, no need to purchase again, they are the same, Ive simply added all appliers to support this line. Skin packs come in 3 tones; pale, tan and dark, priced at 599L for a limited time! Appliers are sold separately and include; Lola, Linc, Ghetto Booty, Wowmeh, Slink Physique & Slink hands / feet, each applier is 100L. Demos available of all 3 tones, also I have a drow version of this same skin and it will be out soon. ♥

The shape I am wearing in the ad is from Pekka, “Cordilia” can be found on the marketplace here.



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AlterEgo Applier Update

AlterEgo Applier Update – Phase 1 – Complete

I know I posted about this early last week, but I ran into quite a few problems along the way, and some changes needed to be made, so I removed the posty. So now, I can finally say that Phase 1, of my instore applier update is complete. We have added Ghetto Booty & Slink Physique appliers to our outfits, where applicable and all outfits that required Slink Hands for gloves are now updated. What has made this such a massive update is, I decided for a smoother work flow and faster accessibility for you all, the appliers are now a sold separate from the system layers. In order to make this low on prims for myself and easier to understand for customers, body suits and dresses have been combined into new color packets. Appliers are packaged and priced accordingly.

I invite you to stop in the store and check out this update! I think you will find its much easier to navigate through, and please, if you find a bug, let myself or Bubblez know asap, so we can fix it. I was literally going cross eyed lol, so there might still be some minor mistakes.

Do note, appliers are not available for redelivery or available to be purchased with credit. They are linden purchases only. Applier prices vary, depending on what is offered in each package, but I can say they are between 35L-250L, the higher packages are fatpacks.

Phase 2 of my update will be pushed back to mid September, and will include my skin line, tattoos and other items I couldnt squeeze in this round. Again, thank you VIPs and customers, for having such great patience with me, while all this went down. Its nice to have such sweet, understanding people, when your having a rough time, its greatly appreciated. Ok, so on to new releases & events!

AlterEgo Mainstore

NEW Skin @ Deesses! Meet Miranda

NEW Skin @ Deesses! Meet Miranda

Wippeee! I sorta went all Bollywood Prinsass with Miranda, but how couldn’t I, with those cute bindi pieces from Whatever at the Fantasy Gacha! It just works people lol, anywho … in other news, ladies peep the skinage out! DeessesMiranda comes in 8 succulent tones; caramel mocha, flat milk, ice frappe, hot chocolate, milky coffee, cold milk, coffee & cappucino. After making her posts, I wanna tear my ass to Starbucks, its all so yummy! Also reminder, Deesses supports loads of appliers for her skin line, including Wowmeh & Slink Physique Mesh Bodies!

Scoot down there and demo her, then come do a belly dance wiss meeee!

Deesses Mainstore


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New @ Alterego



BeachBunny sets are in!

Mesh bikini + Tiny Tank + Shades / 5 sets to choose from 300L each.
Each set includes separate tops & bottoms in all standard sizes, 1 combined set of all standard sizes, tiny tanks in standard sizes + mesh sunglasses / mod. Several alphas included and these fit around Slink Physique, Wowmeh Insize, Ghetto Booty Cutie Booty & Linc’s Cute Azz. Phew what a mouf full, super cute sets, come and get it! ♥

AlterEgo Mainstore

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TSG’s Tsu Mesh Head Featured Post

First of all … Eiflie made me Qute!!! I love love this mesh head, its actual the first one Ive ever tried or purchased! Ive been following her facebook posts during the creation process and I was itching to get it! Im super, like super proud of you Eilfie! Its perfect! I will be back for more tones soon! Shown in my review is B Tone. There’s several Expressions loaded & lots of different makeups, also hair bases! If you want to see my photos at full HQ, just click them and you can see all the faces and makeups more clear.
Also shown in this post is the NEW hair from Spellbound, NachoBitch, which I havent taken off since I got it. Love love this post, yeh Im in love with myself dont hate these ladies help me look goooooooooood!!!


TSG Mainstore

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alterego @heatwave

AlterEgo is participating in this month’s Urban United Heatwave Gacha event, beginning August 10th!

We have a NEW Gacha machine at this event, Kittie Ears Headband come in 20 regulars with different bow options version 1 & 2, and a chance to win 4 rares that are rose bordered and different ears tones. Each play is 50L, modify / transfer ok!

Collect all 24 & trade with friends!

Once the event gets going, you can trade ears inside our VIP Group!



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