#TheMeshProject Update @ AlterEgo

themeshproject-logoYap, another big update has begun at AlterEgo, this time its for the Shops / #theMeshProject Body! So many requests to offer appliers for this one, so we are really excited to bring the news to you that updating has begun. Currently the following items have been completed: Katana Bodysuits, Nikohl Bodysuits, Sissian Long Sleeve Dresses, Fash Queen Dresses, Aalysia Jumpers, Bad Babeh Dresses, Addiction Bodysuits & Mila Bodysuits. Appliers are sold sep, but for easy dressing they are grouped into one hud per pack, with the exception of Sissian. If you would like to demo the Mesh Project body, Ill leave the infos down below for you. Please keep in mind, TMP is still under beta. I will tell you this, TMP will make you read, they have developed a very well thought out system, it runs smoothly, but reading is required. I will be doing a review on this body this week, so check that out too. Skins will also be updated some time this week & Ive signed up to be an exclusive designer, so soon I will be working on that project solely for this brand. Lots to look forward to! ♥

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