Spookzilla – Mission Complete

Thank you to all those came out tonight to our first ever halloween party, we all had a ton of fun, despite crashing and stuff. Its all fun and games, til you get hit in the side of the head with a penis. ♥

If your missing any purchases, please send me a note inworld with trans histories, we lagged for a bit and I know there might be some out there.

Thanks again, you all make my life complete!




Kawaii vs Creepy Gacha

The wait is finally over, we have been booked for this event for months and its finally here! Wipeeee! Kawaii vs Creepy Gacha begins on October 25th – November 22nd. Below is AlterEgo’s 3 Exclusive machines that will be available. All items are set transfer ok, resize scripted [removable] & 100% original mesh ♥ Hope you likes! 50L to play, 24 to collect / 4 rares each. Happy Gacha-ing!

Kawaii vs Creepy Landmark

You will find AlterEgo in the Kawaii Camp





AlterEgo now supports KL Lena Body

We have updated our applier section of the store & Typha skin line to add the KL Lena Mesh Body appliers. Typha Human & Drow skins inside the mainstore, have the applier sold sep. Our Typha Fantasy Skin line that is available at Body Mod updates just went out! If you purchased the Fantasy line and did not receive the update, simply come to our mainstore and smack a redelivery terminal to receive the updated copy.

KL Lena Mesh Body
AlterEgo Mainstore

deesses @cosmetic fair

Sit down getcha glasses on girls, this is gonna be a big post!
Deesses has been sitting over there quietly working … & BAM!

Cosmetic Fair


Credits: hair: LoQue “vodka”, eyes: buzzeri “crystal-honey”, teeth: pekka, ears: mandala, eyeliner & lashes: arise.


Credits: hair: moon “bouyant”, eyes: buzzeri “celestial-honey”, tattoo: reckless “sierra”, lashes: arise “lashes #6″


NEW Skin @Belleza


Grace full skin line now @belleza!

Tones: Dark Tan, Mocha, Sunkissed, Fair, Medium, Pale & Tan
Each tone has 9 makeup options. Shown in post: Tan Tone + Freckle add on.
Each makeup package contains: 4 skins, blush, freckles, gloss & matte, cleavage and hair bases.

Shape used in post: “Haley” by AlterEgo

Other credits: eyes: buzzeri “crystal-honey”, teeth: pekka, lashes: arise #2, hair: truth “coral 2″

NEW Skin @RandomMatter


Ladies … attention! Random Matter has been working on their first skin and I am here to show it off! Now Ima let you in on a lil secret, just dont tell Nikohl, Ive always thought she would make a fabo skin creator, just based off her makeups and pixture makin talent. Can we please fuckin focus on the nose? Yes, the nose, bc that isnt me doing magic ps tricks, thas how it looks! Can we say perfect? I am really in lurve with the lips as well, my fav is the natural looks, which are displayed on the left there. The detail around the eyes … and praise the lord she’s the queen of brows as well. I really like how it makes me look quite a bit younger, Im just, you know Ima skin whore, and I have zero bad things to say about this one, so get your fuzzy slippers on and scoot on down to RM. I do know one thing, she is awaiting the approval of Slink, so if you dont find a demo or the skin, keep your panties on bc its coming!

Other credits: necklace: cute poison “gore whore” @bloodyhorrorfair, eyelashes: arise “lashes” #6 @ well they were somewhere, I switched viewers for pics, ill come back to update…, eyes: random matter “Salvatore-Godiva” @bloodyhorrorfair