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August 1, 2014 / BitchZilla

DJ Turbiine @ 6pm slt

DJ Turbiine is up next at AlterEgo
Getcha asses down here if you can squeeze in


July 28, 2014 / BitchZilla

Toxxic’s 5yr Rezz Day Party


 Here we go kids, party is tomorrow, Friday, August 1st … 12pm-12am slt!
Join this group or hit a ban line!


This is a full list of releases, freebies, good stuff, Toxxic stuff in line to meet your fingers for my 5 year rezz day event!
Guaranteed to please …. yall are all just spoiled brats i tell ya!

Lets see here … what to start out with…

♥Prize Raffles♥

*look for this sign & click to enter*


Raffles are FREE to enter, simply click the HUGE sign that will state Prize Raffle Board & cross them fingers that your name is chosen once it fills to 100 entries! Enter the Prize Raffle as many times as you like, even if your a winner, because the prizes are different each time! So lets check out those goodies, shall we?

My NEW Kylie Wedges for Slink High feet will be our Prize Raffle goodies for the day. There are 10 pairs total, 5 Glossy Zebra & 5 Black Based + Color Zebra print, so that means there will be 10 random raffles for you to try and win! Wedges are modify / copy & 100% original mesh products! These prizes will NOT be sold in store after this event, so make sure your slapping these boards!

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Untitled-2 (2)

♥Store Credit Raffles♥

There are 2, yes 2 raffle boards rezzed, this one right here will enter you in a chance to win store credit gift cards for AlterEgo! Ive decided to do Gift Cards instead of directly issuing store credit to your account, so you have the option to pass the card to a friend or loved one, if you so desire. If not be greedy and redeem them at the gift card terminal at the front of the store! This raffle will be very random, 100 entries allowed and whatever jazzy number I come up with will receive!

Raffle Rules … well there are none, enter as many times as you like for a chance to win! Duplicate prize winners will be skipped and another name will be drawn, its only fair, we cant reward you coz you rubbed your vjay on the board for good luck multiple times, think about the children! You DO NOT have to be on sim to receive, we take note of the names picked and I issue prizes personally to your IM box, with that being said, please have patience with me and delivering.

♥New Releases♥

There will be quite a bit of NEW Releases in store for this event, available to you grouplings before available to the public. All New Releases listed in this slideshow will be marked down 20% off for the full 12 hours of the party :) More will be added today as the ad are complete, but this will get you started.

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♥Group Gifts♥

Prezzie boxes will be rezzed all around the store, click every single one you see & you shall receive!

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We are beginning a new weekly event at AlterEgo called P!nkFrIdayz, bc well I love pink and I love friday, and i looooooove Nicki Minaj, so it all twerks for me! Every friday, starting toomorrow, enjoy a pre-release 50% off regular price for the full 24 only at AlterEgo! Pre-release meaning, theres more coming of whatever is made! So for starters, we are gonna kick it off with my NEW Tiny Tanks, rigged mesh skimpy tanks + alpha! This is a 3 pack, you get it before anyone else, so rock this baby and BANG BANG!


•the items will not be made available til friday, august 1st•

Party begins at 12pm [noon slt] and stays strong til 12am [midnight slt], cant stress this enough, YOU MUST BE IN MY VIP GROUP TO ENTER THE SIM AND TODAY IS THE LAST CHANCE TO JOIN! GROUP JOIN WILL BE OFF TOMORROW AND WILL RESUME ON SATURDAY! Some items in this event will not be sold there after, so its a must you join and make your way down to the Toxxic region!

We have FREE raffles, we have live djs, we have free group gifts, we have discounted releases, we have P!nkFr!dayz, and most importantly, we have a ME turning 5 years old in sl and god damn it, thats something to celebrate!


♥DJ Schedule♥

12pm – 2pm: DJ Toxxi [das me!]
2-4pm: DJ Jimmmy
4-6pm: DJ Richo [DAPPA owner♥]
6-8pm: DJ Turbiine
8-10pm: DJ Ro Low
10-12am: DJ Toxxi [prolly a very drunk version of me!]

Thats a solid line up of guuuud musics on stream, so make sure you have us turnt on & turnt up!


AlterEgo Mainstore

As always, the fine print reads, we are a zero tolerance sim, staff and security will be on site, IF you miss behave, you will be eeeeeejected with a swift kick in the ass and thats a perma ban, so be the sweet angels you have all proven to be from past parties and lets just have a good time AE Style.


August 1, 2014 / BitchZilla


Why allo derr …

AlterEgo has joined the re-opening of an event called Room69! I’m totally stoked about my release for this event & I sincerely hope you enjoy them too! Kylie Wooden Wedges are 100% original mesh heels for Slink High Feet from AlterEgo and makin their debut August 1st @ Room69!

There are 8 color options, wedges are modify / copy & will be sold separately for 169L each!

Good deal for my first mesh heels eh?

Make sure yall check out this event!

Room69 opens August 1st

kylie-wooden-wedges-ad1 kylie-wooden-wedges-ad2

♥Fashion Ad creds♥

skin: tsg tone B phatazz applier+slink feets
knee stockings: m&m shapes
anklets: blah
toe nail polish: epic

July 30, 2014 / BitchZilla

Five Hours



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July 30, 2014 / BitchZilla



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July 29, 2014 / BitchZilla

NEW Release Time


New mainstore release “Sophisticated” will be out shortly, just gotta box her up! Mesh cardigan, tank top & skirt, plus a plethora of alphas for your sucking and tucking needs, available in 5 earthy tones and only 150L each! Demos will be available.

AlterEgo Mainstore

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July 29, 2014 / BitchZilla

The BIG show ending soon!

alterego @ the big show / ending soon!

we will have 3 new releases this round, along with some of our
most popular new releases!

Hope you like them!♥


Fashion Credits
Left: Hair: Truth, Skin: Essences “Whisper”
Right: Hair: Spellbound, Skin: Essences “Cho”


Fashion Credits
Left: Hair: Chemistry, Skin: Birdy “Deliah”, Necklace: AlterEgo @ OMGacha, Sleep Mask: Severed Garden
Right: Hair: Truth, Skin: Essences “Cho”, Necklace: AlterEgo @ OMGacha, Sleep Mask: NS

new vendor

Fashion Credits
Left: Hair: Illmatic, Skin: Glance “Anais”, Glasses: Candydoll, Necklace: AlterEgo @ OMGacha
Right: Hair: Dela, Skin: Arise, Piercings & Necklace: Pekka
Skirts are by AlterEgo – Diagonal Pack sold at the Big show



July 28, 2014 / BitchZilla

Killer Cutie


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July 28, 2014 / BitchZilla




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July 28, 2014 / BitchZilla

A list


I finally made it to the A list on the Kim K game, haha! /

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