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There is a new round of Suicide Dollz quickly approaching, so I jumped on board! AlterEgo will debut a new round skins just for the dark side of you! Meet our Kensi CollectionPowder skin tone called “Drained“. The “Drained” line is stacked up with layer options including Dark Brow & No Brow, skin layers project No Cleavage only with a stunning electric lip balm in 10 styles to choose from, along with smudged eye shadow & mascara. Mouth appliers are included and support Nyam Nyam, Loud Mouth & Sweetlips. Additional body appliers are sold separately and support; Belleza Venus, Maitreya Lara, Slink Physique, Slink Hands / Feet & The Mesh Project Body.

Suicide Dollz next round begins on Sunday, April 26th – We hope to see you there!



AlterEgo “My Sweet Tops II”

AlterEgo “My Sweet Tops II”

mysweettops2 Untitled-1

AlterEgo Mainstore


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AlterEgo “Jesabelle Jeans”


“Jesabelle Jeans”
Rigged mesh bell bottoms, texture hud driven to customize denim, metals & tag, body friendly + alpha


Demo Inworld & Marketplace



AlterEgo “BAM! Stomps”

*Marketplace Release*

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Unrigged mesh stomper boots, HUD driven to customize laces, eyelets & platform sole, resize scripted / removeable + alpha.



Know it all …

Me? nooo… no no I dont know it all but I am pretty good with this thing here called The Internet.
Some people have asked if I would share my shopping knowledge, so instead of pming couple people, Ill just share with the world! or the 100 people who read this blog daily ♥ hugs!

Sooo I thought these sites were household names, but apparently, they arent, so get to bookmarking!

When I am on the prowl for events popping off SeraphimSL or EloquenceSL is where I turn to. Both sites provide content galleries and pertinent information about the events they are covering, lms .. info etc. I utilize their Search functions alot, if you know the name of the event..plop it in and be amazed! Events arent posted until they actually begin, so make these 2 sites your daily routine to check. I do — wake up, coffee + sera or elo = lurve. I sort of think of them like, pre-shopping, ya know when the events open, its lagfest, hell take a back seat, search the gallery and find stuff you want before heading to the sim. Makes for a faster shoppin run! Shop smarter!



When I am on the hunt [pun intended] for well … hunts I take a cruise through HuntSL. This site is pretty awesome, its designed for the hunter & stores looking to be in hunts that are up and coming! You can find information, applications, dates etc here. Pretty nifty lil tool for all you hunt heads.


Finally, this one will shock you … Google.
Did yall know you can type damn near anything from SL into Google and you will 9 times out of 10 find it!
If you have a photo of something you want, but no name, no infos, you can also search Google by photo also.
I do it all the time! Thanks to these bloggers out here, that dont want to link their items, its ok Gyazo the screen, save to desktop, search through Google and find out that Blueberry made it and off I go! Its amazing!

I also often shop through my pixel facebook .. which I recently found out, not a ton of people have these. I know FB hates us, but if you dont have a Hatebook for your avi, figure a way to get one, join some SL groups and be off! I will link some of my favs, that cover a ton of content from sl.

Essential Inventory

SecondLife Homes


Flickr is also a fun way to be in the know, if you can work past all the futas and your daily “I bang my gf every night” pixxx. I have recently scaled my follow list down some and started to just stalk creators individually. There are a ton of groups to join on Flickr that we designers post to, so here are a few of my favs.

Kawaii World

SL Adds

Anywhoo I hope this helps someone out there … this is basically all I do when you ask a question about all of the above, hit the bookmarks and get you your answer! Search in sl also works if you are lookin for individual stores, you can also find their lms on Google or take a cruise through my own growing list of addictions here.


now stahp readin this bullshit & go shop!

AlterEgo “My Sweet Top”



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