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Hey hey! So my vacay is just about over so I made somethin speecial for my VIPs to AlterEgo. Thanks for allowing me a month of no drama & letting me take a little breather to sort myself out! We have a New Group Gift out! Kensi – Havana Noir, includes 2 brow options, brown & dark brow & cleavage / no cleavage options & appliers for Sweetlips, Nyam Nyam & Loud Mouth. All body appliers are sold separately.


++ I have some fab news … I have decided to full speed ahead with skin / body creation & take a break from the fashion world for a bit. So our mainstore is reflecting my decision. I have re-designed the interior to make room for my future plans! We do have some small sections for my favorite / new releases in fashion, but that will remain to a small 20% of AlterEgo & skins / body will be more 80%. We are working on a new face for our Signature Collection & I have completed a drow & fantasy skin line that will be breaking the internet soon! I hope you continue to follow me in my sl journey, I am really stoked to see where this road will take us & I thank you all for your patience & support, it means alot to me.

AlterEgo Mainstore

oo one last thing I need to drop in this post, we have changed our point of contact for all customer service inquiries. Please leave a notecard for AlterEgoToxxic Resident, no IMs please. We have brought in a CSR team to handle this account, with hopes to better serve you. Please allow up to 24 hours for a response, one of our CSR’s will be with you at our earliest opportunity. Please understand, that this is a team of people, hand picked by muah, you are not always going to be speaking to myself or Bubblez, so please treat the representative with kindness & patience or well you know what happens. This new system has been in place since I left for my vacay and I really like how its going … CSRs are happy and customers appear to be happy as well. With this business account in place, we ask that you refrain from contacting the Toxxic Rhiannyr & Bubblez Lemon accounts directly, as we will not respond. I appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

Now let’s shop!

Events ending soon!

Skin Fair Ends March 29th!
“Meet Kensi”

Whore Couture Ends March 31st!
“Meet a special edition of Layla”


Make sure you have visited these 2 events! Ive been to both & spent lots of monies! ♥








New @ Ikon

Logged in tonight to a NEW pack of peepers [eyes] from Ikon! ♥
“Sovereign Eyes”



Hud is included in all color packs & has some sweet features such as posing your avi, eye movement, size, texture & more!
Mesh & System Layer eyes included, along with fitting guides+
I am being told these eyes come out 3-12-15 so leave some room in your purses ladies, as always they are MUST haves!

ty ikon *muahs*




Belleza @ Skin Fair 2015





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